About Us

Who We Are

Final Vision Technology Ltd Canada is a Nova Scotia IT firm, registered under the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies and the company is based at Cape Breton. Final Vision Technology specializes in computer-based hardware and software application development for industries, government, development agencies like NGOs focusing on poverty alleviation and the private sector both domestically and internationally. FVT became incorporated in Nova Scotia in February 2010. It has since opened operations in Ghana and Uganda under its Africa affiliation.

What We Do

Final Vision Technology is a unique organization focusing on designing and manufacturing its own quality laptops, Smart FvTech machines, Pmachines, E-Library Software Technology(AIDDE), Teleconferencing Systems, Accounting Information Systems and Network Servers that are customized to suit all climatic conditions. Final Vision Technology makes every effort to conduct research in the area of innovative Technology in new hardware devices that use solar energy as the source of power. We design and assemble laptops, Pmachines and servers, which can and will be powered by solar energy for the future generations to come.  We are proud in our quest for innovation, creativity, intelligence, and our Vision to improve upon existing technologies.

The Smart FvTech machine is a tablet/laptop/cell phone combined, and other products consist of Personal Computers, development and installation of Knowledge Management Systems Portal, Digitization of Electronic Library Materials. In addition to the above products, Final Vision also designs and implements Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) Systems, VLANS, MANS and ATM Technologies.

Our E-library System (Africa Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence (AIDDE)) is a great and innovative platform where all universities, industries, institutions of higher learning, colleges, professional and development agencies and our young children can share all educational materials, thesis, full text books, research materials, policy reviews, journals, and articles in Africa and the rest of the world. The platform also provides Share Point, Cloud Data Storage & Security,  databases to store  digitized archives materials & collections of old historical documents technologies that can be accessed and used for the future generations.

Final Vision Technology also plans to focus on more technological development approaches in education, sustainable agriculture, women empowerment, children and youth empowerment especially in areas of Early Childhood Development, E-Agriculture to support small and large scale farmers for improved knowledge on sustainable agriculture methodologies and business development skills and communications for community empowerment.

With an Affiliate in Africa for marketing and promotion of its products, Final Vision Technology  is set to become one of the key development IT firms that supports local small to medium businesses, NGOs, research institutions and government agencies with the technologies and development IT business solutions to grow and expand their business.

Our networks, servers and our international data center provide excellent solutions for businesses to cut back the cost on information storage, (Cloud Computing) software management, and also to utilize the state of the art technology of an online E-Library System that we have now developed for both universities and the general public.

We develop new technologies that are beneficial to mankind and for the future. Every Organization, government, corporations, personal and NGOs have realized that Technology is the bed rock for industrialization and development. The computers, electronics, and software Development Technologies have become the essential dependable tools for every organization on the planet. We started by assembling our own Desktops Machines, laptops and Server machines just like IBM started. Our Research and Development Department has reached to a stage where we can produce our own innovative products and develop software for our clients on a worldwide market.  Our goal is simply to DEVELOP GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

Where We Work

Final Vision Technology is based in Canada but with offices in Uganda and Ghana. We are also working on our expansion strategic plan to other African countries.

Our Vision

A world  with an integrated innovative technology and Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence where all universities, industries, government agencies, policy research institutions and development agencies share skills and innovations

Our Mission

A global village; whereby the establishment of multidirectional communication technologies and the sharing of knowledge among people is vital to the developing economies of countries.

Our Values

Truth, Love, Equality, Justice, Honesty, and Integrity are the founding pillars upon which the company will conduct business with investors and the general public.

Our focus is simple

Green Energy Research, and Software Development, SALES, SERVICES, AND TRAINING in Electronics, Computers, and Computer Software & Hardware Technology Assembly.

Our Strategic objectives

  • Enhance the true image, identity and visibility of Final Vision Technology as an organization that is pro¬≠-poor in providing accessible business solutions and sustainable development ICT approaches.   
  • To support change processes by pushing for pro-poor development issues through ICT applications that lead to improved livelihood and eradication of poverty
  • To build capacity of our stakeholders on E-documentation and other ICT development applications for strategic engagement and effective delivery 

Current Projects

  • Developing FVT E- Library Database Technology that will link all universities libraries and other research development materials into a central location for the sharing of knowledge for all.
  • Offering Training in Computer Hardware Technical courses, Software programming courses, and Web Development courses online through our website around the world.
  • We offer Sales of computers, assist small, personal and large Businesses to make decisions on which Technology productss can really enhance their productivity at work.
  •  We offer Computer repairs & maintenance to support customers, organizations, governments, Corporations and individuals
  • Mass production of our FVTech Smart tablets
  • We can custom build any Servers or laptops or any Technology you need to run your business.
  • We specialize in Network Engineering Services. We can install Networks both LAN, WAN, VOIP and VPN through Cloud computing and also offer Storage space for Document Management Systems
  • We are experts in setting up computer laboratories internationally for school around the world with GREEN TECHNOLOGIES AND VERY COST EFFECTIVE
  • Set up Laboratories in countries like Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and others