Gurus for Computer Hardware Assembly & Software Development

  1.  We design Futuregen Laptops , PC Tablets, Servers, Desktops Computers,Pmachines and other devices

  2. We have great passion and Vision to create Green Technology solutions  through Research and Development  for the industrilization & development of our communities with the consciousness for our environment.

  3.  We design Web Hosting servers for organizations, governments, universities, corporations and individual businesses with Linux 12.0 server or Windows 2003, 2008, 2010 servers installations. We will perform all the installations at the customer's site, LAN or WAN, and install all the Network Softwares for the customer.

  4.  Our great expertise are in Computer Architectural design, Software Engineering, and Network Engineering design. The company has qualified electricians on staff who perform  the laying of network cables  professionally e.g.  cat6 or 7 or fiber for the clients .

  5.  We offer green technology solutions for an offices and educational institutions who want to be Eco freindly and also provide afordable cost for the use of technology. Our new insight and innovations has lead us to develop a new machine called PMachine. With only one machine you can connect between 10 -30 Monitors to the PMachine. This machine is different from the normal server. So it is a huge Cost saving for businesses that use computers at the offices and personal home computing with more kids.   The major advantage is that it saves the environment from electronic waste and reduce the use of electricity.

  6. We offer  Management & Accounting Information Systems(MBA-specialised in MIS). We are Vigilant Certified Solution provider. Which means; we offer POS solutions, Accounting system, Inventory control systems between locations or across country through VMWare and VPN  solutions for new stores, offices, and organizations.

  7.  We can install Sage Accounting system and Simply Accounting  for small to large organizations accross province or country. 

  8. We offer Web Development , Web hosting solutions to our clients and Business Solution Specialist.

  9. We offer online sales of our laptops and other brands, electronics with top brand names at cheaper and affordable  prices for every one.

  10. We offer online Repair Center or on site solutions for any computer problems. Any problems with servers, Networks, desktops, laptops, and viruses we can help the client to solve the problem  in a minimum response time.

  11. We offer computer Training in programming and how to become a pro-Technician

  12. We Assist  and teach students Certification in A+ and Network A+ courses online by Tutoring  students  what they need to know in order to pass the exames.