AIDDE Team of Excellence

Engineer/Lecturer Kwame Ardiabah

C.E.O, Founder & Developer

Mr. Ardiabah is certified  in CISCO Network Engineering (DalTech University, Halifax, N.S. Canada), BCom. degree (Double Major) in Computing Science & Information Systems (Systems Architecture), and Accounting degree (Saint Mary University, Halifax, N.S. Canada),  Certified Novell Network Administrator (Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. Canada), Programmer in Logics & Integrated Circuit Electronics (Diawa Education Center, Toronto,  ON, Canada),  Masters In Business Administration (MBA-Saint Mary's University, Halifax, N.S. Canada). He has over 13 years experience as a Developer & System Architechure Engineering. A Lecturer at Regent University of Science and Technology

Marie Davis

Chief Accounting Officer

Ms. Marie Davis has been the co-founder and CAO of Final Vision Technology Ltd for the past 4 years. Marie has been in charge of AIDDE E-library project which enables accessibility to books for university students in Africa and the rest of the world. Before joining Final Vision Technology, Marie worked as a Property Manager for commercial industrial and residential properties for over 15 years. Marie holds an Accounting Diploma from Nova Scotia Community College and  she is a successful business woman.

Paye Banza

International Sales Manager

Mr. Paye  Banza has excellent background as System Engineer with a Track record in the sales of Solar Energy Equipment, Computers, laptops, and Tablets all over the world.He joined Final Vision Technology Ltd about two years ago and has made a great contibution towards the publicity of the AIDDE Platform.

Prince Bobby

Country Director Uganda

Mr. Bobby has a Bachelor of Business Administration  and a Diploma in Gender studies. He further continued his studies in  Certificates in Computer Networking, Leadership Skils. Before he joined Final Vision Technology Africa Ltd, Bobby's entire professional career has revolved around selling / developing / purchasing or producing a product, organization, service, and management in a market segment or geographic area, either by being employed or self-employment. Over the last 8 years he has worked with companies like ; Kisumi Trading Company ltd (Uganda) Ropani International (Uganda) Swedepoint AB (Sweden) Scandanavian Designs (Sweden) ProJob, Hansa Group (Germany) Kaizen Ventures, Crown Laundry Services (USA) Economality Inc (USA) among others.


Thrasilla Dontor

Country Director Ghana

Ms Thrasilla Dontoh before joining Final Vision technology Ghana Ltd;  was an Educationist and an Auditor by profession. As an Educationsit she loves to share knowledge with students and loves to see children develop their intelectual capacity to its full potential so that they can take control over their own destiny. When she came accros Final Vision Technology Canada, she became interested to become a member of a company that has a Vision to promote a global visionary  E-library platform  that allows all African students, scholars, and the students of the world  to share E-books, document archiving and the sharing of knowledge.

She became happy to join the AIDDE and  FVTech project. " I have finally found a company  that  understand what it takes to promotes  Human development and the industriliazation of developing countries".