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LaCie CloudBox - 2TB USB 3.0

LaCie CloudBox - 2TB USB 3.0
Brand: LaCie
Product Code: CloudBox
Availability: In Stock
Price: $148.00
Ex Tax: $148.00

Description & Features

Access for Family. Sharing with Friends.

·      Simple install: one plug, one click

·      Easily share files with family and friends

·      Access files from anywhere, on any device

·      Keep your files safe – at home and
on the go

Introducing CloudBox

The LaCie CloudBox keeps you connected to your world. All your music, movies, photos, and more, accessible on all your devices, and easily shareable with your family and friends.


One plug, one click.

It's that simple.Store Keep all the files spread across your home computers in one place. Mom's photos, dad's music, the kids' movies – all on the LaCie CloudBox.

Share With Family

File sharing at home has never been so easy. Store files in the Family folder for shared family access, or create Private folders for personal or limited access to private files.

Share With Friends

Sharing happens outside the home, too. Send friends and relatives files with secure download links or by sharing folders in the cloud.

Connect At Home

Enjoy your music, photos, and files from any screen or network-connected device in the house.

Connect On-The-Go

With the LaCie CloudBox, your music, movies, photos, and other documents go where you go. All you need is a device that's connected to the web.


Automatically protect your data at home from accidental loss. Even files on your laptop are safe on-the-go.


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