Futuregen Laptop  FUTU0I5 Laptop

Futuregen laptop is the best for you if you require a dependable machine with a strong components. This machine is  built with 20 years of reserach. The machine is designed by taken into account the heat problems that exist in all other machines. We solved that problem with our new technology that enhances the performaces of the machines without freezing for 24/7. It is powered by Intel fouth generation proccessor with quad core parrallel speed which gives the machine higher performances than AMD proccessors. It has 8GB memory but it can be upgraded in the near future. It has 500GB hard drive but the hard drive is western green energy star with high speed and storage reliability. It has 3.0 USB port and 2.0USB port attached which gives the machine the ability to transfer high data and video transfer for video streaming capabilities. The screen is active matrix screen which provides outstanding  image quality second to none. You can ask us to customise the machine by loading the customer's choice of operating system;  windows 7 or windows 8 with other bundles of software. We have 1 year free antivirus software included in the software bundle unlike other machines which comes with 3 months that are only good for three months.


Why do you have to buy Futuregen Laptop

  • Performances and reliability with great Intel Proccessors installed with our proffesional Technicians
  • 500GB hard drive with great reliability and storage
  • loaded with free 1 year antivirus
  • burn all downloaded movies and cd
  • great Image and very great graphic performaces
  • better cooloing system than our competitors
  • New innovation for the future generation laptop
  • free  3 months online services for free

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FutureGen Laptop-INTEL I5 -- Futu01I5

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